Welcome to "The River"
Questions? Answers:

Q: How early should I arrive?

A: Our worship service starts at 10:00 am.  We recommend 15-20 minutes early to find a chair and familiarize yourself with the building.  If you have children, you may want to give yourself an extra 15 minutes.  A staff member will be there to help check in your child and check out where Kid's Church takes place or where the Nursery is located.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No, we dress casual.  If you like to dress up, go for it!


Q: What is available for my kids?

A: For infants to three years old, we have a Nursery with loving and caring staff.  For children 4 years old to fourth grade, we have Kid's Church @ The River.  Our Kid's Church leader is Larissa Woodrow.  She, along with her team, teach about God's Word and Jesus in a fun way.  Upon arrival, we ask that you check your child in with our staff.  Once you've provided necessary contact information, children will be directed to the main sanctuary to sit with you until dismissed after worship together.  Once a month, we have family church.  Children are in the service with parents.  (Nursery is still provided.) They are provided with "busy bags" to keep them busy.


Q: How long is the service?

A: Our services typically last for about an hour and a half.


Q: What can I expect when I walk in the door?

A:  We have a warm and welcoming Hospitality team.  If you have questions, just find an individual with a lanyard and a name tag and they will answer your questions.